The Nigerian Dwarf breed captured our hearts early in 2009. We were lucky enough to discover Fred and Linda Phillips and visited their herd at Kannah Creek Farm and fell in love.  Tina and her side kick Izzy followed my husband around the yard and we were smitten.  Our original plan to keep two goats has morphed into a herd of 9...now 17...21...and counting!

Karen and Marc Coutu

Bridgeport Farms

2014 Breeding season... 

2014 is here.  We have a new herd sire.  Check out Lost Valley Dax Sea Doo *B.  We are excited to see his kids.  It’s lovely to see the improvements that quality animals bring.  Please check out the Kidding Schedule page to see what we have on offer for 2014.  I am limiting the number of does being bred since my life has become busy with school.  Also, check out our sale page as we have several animals for sale.  These are animals that I would otherwise keep if I could!!

ADGA dairy stars!!

Kannah Creek RM Isabel *M and Bridgeport Farms KCY LeeLoo 2*M both earned their milk stars on one day test this year, 2013.  Isabel’s butterfat was 7.4% and LeeLoo’s 6.8%.

We were only able to attend one show in 2010 in Wyoming.  But, it was worth it as Kannah Creek RM Arco Iris 1*M and Sawgna Farm Cookies N Cream 1*M each received their milk stars on one day test!  Butterfat percentages were pretty good, with 6.0 % and 6.8 % respectively. 

DHIR Testing

We did DHIR testing in 2012.  Unfortunately, a family emergency cut our testing short but our girls did well and I will use the data to improve the herd.

2011 Whole Herd Testing Negative

Adult Herd Testing for CAE, CL, Brucella, and Johnne’s all NEGATIVE!!

Ancestor Photo Albums...explore the wonderful, colorful ancestors of our Nigerian Dwarf Herd.  The history of the breed is fascinating to me.  I hope to compile an extensive library of photographs and pedigrees of well known foundation animals in the future.  Thanks to Kannah Creek Farm, Piddlin Acres, Sage Acres and Old Mountain Farm for sharing their wonderful photographs for a great start.


Nigerian Dwarf Goats at Bridgeport Farms

Located in Western Colorado