Kidding Schedule

Sales Terms and Conditions: 

Bridgeport Farms has the right to retain any kid.  We’ll try to anticipate and note on the schedule our choices, but occasionally, there comes an exceptional kid that we won’t be able to resist. 

To reserve a kid, please contact us via email or phone (970-216-8231) with your choice.  We’ll put you on a list in the order in which you contacted us.  Specify what you want from whom, note if you just have to have a blue eyed beauty.  Also, how do you want to be contacted?

Once the kids are on the ground and we’ve decided who we’re going to retain (2-4 weeks after kidding), we’ll start at the top of the list.  You’ll have 7 days to get back to us with a $100, non-refundable deposit in order to reserve the kid.  If we haven’t heard from you or received payment after 7 days, we’ll advance to the next in line, etc.  Kids should be picked up between 8 and 10 weeks old.  After 10 weeks, we’ll need to charge a $1/day boarding fee. 

Check, money order, or paypal (with 4% service fee) accepted.

The $100 deposit is non-refundable with one exception.  If something happens to the animal while in our possession that prevents the sale, we will refund the deposit. 

We do not offer refunds, but if you must cancel a reservation, you may transfer the deposit to another animal. 

Once an animal leaves our property, we take no responsibility for the health/welfare of the animal if something should happen in transport or once a kid is settled within a new herd.


(terms and conditions below apply)


Just click on the email address below.

Or call or text Karen: 970-216-8231

Bred/Due Dates




bred: 5/30/17 kidded: 10/22/17    Twin does

Doeling for sale:


bred: pen (8/24/17-9/16/17)

due: 1/16/17-1/30/17

Kidded: 1/20/18

triplets, 2 bucks, one doe

Gretel, out of Priscilla and Bender, is a second freshener this year. Her udder was butter soft and so easy to milk.  I’m excited to see how Gretel matures this year. I think she is going to become a milking power house. She has the genes, that’s for sure!

Gretel just kidded today. Very excited to wake at 4 pm (I work nights) and check on my girls who were pen bred this year. I’ve been waiting for 6 days for the first doe to kid (4 more to come in the next few days). And, there stood 3 damp kids and Gretel with her afterbirth hanging. After an hour, she passed the afterbirth. Kids were nursing frequently and with vigor. Love my “no muss, no fuss” kidders who do it without any  help!

Violet is a very splashy lass! She has the sweetest nature and will be leaving us to become a family milker. She was bred to Sea Doo and we should see some nice kids from this combo.

Updated: 1/21/18

2016 Test Results are in! All Adults Tested Negative for: CAE, CL & Johnes!!

Closed Herd since testing in 2016.

All goats are ADGA purebred Nigerian Dwarf.

Doe: $400

Buck: $400

whether: $75

Lexi received her milk star over the summer and has a sweet disposition common to her lines. She kids easily and this is her third kidding. Her 2017 LA score was VEV+ 86.

A couple of our young bucks became fertile at a young age this year and due to some fencing issues, Lexi was bred. My guess is that she was bred by Atticus who can still be seen on the sale page or by a buckling sired by Andy and Olive Oil. The coloring reminds me of progeny I have seen from Andy’s lines. These doelings are promising.

bred: pen (7/18/17-8/11/17)

Due: 12/10/17-1/3/18

kidded: 12/23/17

1 doe and 2 bucks

Doeling: retained

Buckling for sale: $450

Wether: $75--sold

Doeling for sale:  $400

Buckling for sale: $400

Wether: $75

bred: pen (8/24/17-9/16/17)

due: 1/16/17-1/30/17

kidded: 1/21/18


Doeling for sale:  $450

LeeLoo was dry for most of 2017 but was appraised at 14 months in milk in June. She was marked as “stale” since she had been in milk so long. She still appraised VEE+ 87. I look forward to her kids this season and I hope to have at least one doe to choose from to retain. We will see some udders from her 2015 buck, Maximus! I can’t wait!

Buckling for sale, above & right:



bred: pen (8/24/17-9/16/17)

due: 1/16/17-1/30/17

kidded: 1/24/18

triplets, 2 does and 1 buck

Doeling for sale:  $400

Left: Doeling for sale $400

bred: pen (8/30/17-9/11/17)

due: 1/22/17-1/29/17


Magic Apple LVT Horei (Dory)

Gretel w kids on left

Gretel’s 1st freshening udder: right

Bottom left, Buckling: $400

Bottom middle, Buckling: $400

Bottom right, Doeling: $400

bred: pen (8/24/17-9/16/17)

due: 1/16/17-1/30/17

Kidded: 1/25/18 twin bucks

Buckling for sale: $400

LeeLoo Udder 2016

One week fresh

Bridgeport Farms  MAA Atticus

Left: Doeling for sale $400

Right: Doeling, sale pending

Left: Wether, sale pending

1st freshening udder