Senior Does

Kannah Creek RM Arco Iris 1*M

Dam:  AGS Kannah Creek KCM Yepa

Sire:  AGS Rosasharn UMT Monarch *B

Blk & Brn Buckskin w/random wht and moon spots

March 17, 2007


LA 2012: VEEV 88

2010: twins, buck & doe

2011: twins, buck (wether) & doe

2012: triplet does

2013: single buck

Iris joined us August of 2009 after her second freshening.  She taught us how to milk and how to play the rodeo milking game.  Which, by the way, we won! 

Iris easily obtained her milk star in 2011.  She continues to be one of our best milkers and our nicest overall doe.  She is currently being milked through the winter and enjoying a rest from breeding in 2014. 

See a visual history of Iris’ ancestors in our Ancestor Photo Albums.

Iris 8 weeks after kidding 2010

Kannah Creek RM Isabel 1*M

Dam: Kannah Creek FWM Rosa

Sire:  AGS Rosasharn UMT Monarch *B

Black & tan buckskin w/random white

February 16, 2009


LA 2012: VVEV 87

LA 2017: VEE+ 87

2010: single buck (deceased)

2012: twin bucks (wethers)

2013: single doe

2016: single doe

Isabel (Izzy) has matured into a very nice doe.  Like her half sister Iris, she has improved with age.  She has nice large teats that are easy to milk.  She milked continuously for 2 years after her 2013 freshening.  I would prefer a longer rump and a smoother fore udder transition.  Otherwise, she is a lovely example of Kannah Creek breeding.

Bridgeport Farms KCY LeeLoo 2*M

Dam:  Sawgna Farms Cookies N Cream 1*M

Sire:  Kannah Creek FWM Yuma

Tricolor w/ white, brown & black

February 18, 2011


LA 2012: VVVV 85 (1st freshener)

LA 2017: VEE+ 87 (6 yr old--in milk for 14 months for LA)

2012: Quad does

2013: Twin bucks

2015: Quints (3 does, 2 bucks)

2016: Quad bucks

2017: Vacation (and in milk for 14 months)

2018: Triplets (1 doe, 2 bucks)

LeeLoo is our first retained doe that carries the Bridgeport Farm name.  Her dam, Cookie, earned her milk star in 2011 and LeeLoo earned her star in 2013.  She is sweet and friendly and so nice to milk.  She was milked continuously from March 2013 through November 2015!!  And, she just finished 14 months of continuous milking.

LeeLoo’s 2012 first freshener udder.

LeeLoo 2011

LeeLoo 2013

Iris 2013

Bridgeport Farms KCY Priscilla

Dam:  Kannah Creek RM Arco Iris 1* M

Sire:  Kannah Creek FWM Yuma

Buckskin w extensive white

February 23, 2012


2013: twin does (one stillborn)

2016: twins, one buck & one doe

2017: triplets, one buck and two does

LA 2017: VEEV 88

Her first freshener udder was lovely, high and globular with well placed teats.  She is easy to milk and her temperment is sweet and gentle too.  Her dam, Iris, is one of my best milkers and Iris’ conformation has only improved with age.  Priscilla is taking after her dam and getting better with age.  I anticipate some gorgeous kids and an impressive udder. 

Priscilla 2017

Priscilla 2017

Priscilla 2013

Priscilla 2013

LeeLoo 2016

Izzy 2016

All animals are ADGA registered pure bred Nigerian Dwarf goats. All adults were tested in 2016 for CAE, CL and Johnes. All results were negative. No animal has ever received a positive test in history of Bridgeport Farms--since 2009.

Updated 2/24/18

Izzy 2017

Bridgeport Farms BF Lexi *M

Dam: Bridgeport Farms Dicta

Dam’s Dam: Kannah Creek RM Isabel 1*M

Dam’s Sire: Dragonfly IH Buckaroo Bansai

Sire:  Bridgeport Farms LVD Finn

Sire’s Dam: Bridgeport Farms DBB Storm

Sire’s Sire:  Lost Valley Dax Sea Doo *B

Tan & Blk Buckskin w extensive white

March 26, 2015


2016: Triplets, 2 bucks & 1 doe

2017: Twin does (February)

2017: Twin does (October)

LA 2017: VEV+ 86

Lexi had her second freshening this year and had 2 gorgeous doelings. Her udder this year is a joy on the milk stand. I expect her to easily gain her milk star. And, I can’t wait to see what her linear appraisal scores are.

Bridgeport Farms LVS Cindy Lou

Dam: Bridgeport Farms KCY Uhura

Dam’s Dam:  Bridgeport Farms DBB Gidget

Dam’s Sire: Kannah Creek FWM Yuma

Sire:  Lost Valley Dax Sea Doo *B

Sire’s Dam: AGS Lost Valley Treasure 2*M

Sire’s Sire: Lost Valley KW Daxus

Brown w black dorsal stripe and acc

Brn & Blk Buckskin w white

February 20, 2015


2016: Twin bucks

VVE+: 87 (in milk 14 months at time of appraisal)

Cindy Lou has been a lovely surprise from the first.  She didn’t settle this year and she has been on the milk stand since she kidded in 2016. She is long, level with a lovely wide escutcheon. She’s strong in general appearance and overall, she’s got it going on. I can’t wait to see her second freshening.

Mereda, 8 months old

Cindy Lou, following first freshening, above and lower right

Mereda’s second freshening udder (right)--2017

First freshener udder shots at 4 weeks fresh

Bridgeport Farms LVS Mereda *M

Dam: Bridgeport Farms KCY Uhura

Dam’s Dam:  Bridgeport Farms DBB Gidget

Dam’s Sire: Kannah Creek FWM Yuma

Sire:  Lost Valley Dax Sea Doo *B

Sire’s Dam: AGS Lost Valley Treasure 2*M

Sire’s Sire: Lost Valley KW Daxus

Brown w black dorsal stripe and accents

February 20, 2015


2016: Single buckling

2017: Triplets, 2 does, 1 buck

LA 2017: VEEV 89

Mereda is a lovely doe.  She freshened this year with triplets and wow--her udder!  She’s long, downhill and dairy all the way.  Her rump and rear angulation is impressive.  She has lovely medial attachments and milks nicely. I was all set to sell Mereda until I separated her kids and got a look at her second freshening udder. She will stay!!

Second freshening udder at 4 months fresh

Cindy Lou, first freshening udder, left

Lexi, 2 yr old                    2nd freshening